Cooling/Drop-in Center

WE ARE OPEN!! The numbers do not lie; we’re doing up to 40 showers per day. Homeless and tired people can drop-in for a cooling shower, hair wash, clean clothes, piece of fruit, camaraderie, and regain a good feeling about themselves.

Cooling/Drop-in Center is available seven days a week, at 441 S. Calle Encilia, Suite 5 one block above Indian Canyon, off Ramon, from Sun thru Sat 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., or in extreme weather, until 8:00 p.m.

Well in the Desert Cooling Center

Daily Hot Meals

We’re still providing delicious meals five days a week in the social halls of our church friends and partners;

Monday and Tuesday – First Baptist Church on Rosa Parks

Wednesday                – St. Paul’s, on El Alameda

Thursday                   – Our Lady of Solitude, on Belardo & Alejo

Friday                         – Our Lady of Guadalupe

Operation Well Assist

Do you need our help at your business or residence? We want to help. If you are facing problems with someone who is panhandling, disturbing your business, or bothering your property please let us make all attempts we can to dissuade this person from such activity. If you call us we will send someone out to speak with this person or persons. The Well offers daily hot nutritious meals along with other services that are aimed at helping homeless people, and services that help keep others from becoming homeless. We are very much a part of the community and want to make every effort in assisting where possible.

We have staff people who will come speak with the person creating a problem for you, and if that person will be willing to leave, a van to help pick them up to take to our lunch sites. We will do what we can to provide referral services for their needs.

Please keep in mind that some suffer from mental problems. We have very limited support in the area of mental health, and will not always have success.

Please call our staff person, Bryan Johnson, at (760) 835-8466. If you are unable to reach him please call our Well office at (760) 656-8905.

Staff Recognition

Congratulations to Administrator Bryan Johnson and Office Manager Robyn Johnson and their three beautiful children for moving into a lovely home. Great progress, keep it up!

Congratulations to Ben Oberlander, Shuttle Driver and Administrative Assistant for his upcoming new apartment move.


Our very own Arlene Rosenthal attended at an event held at Mizzell Senior Center in July recognizing what is needed to combat homelessness in the Coachella Valley and many services Well in the Desert provides.

Well in the Desert’s President Arlene Rosenthal accepts an $800.00 check. Justin, from Carritas Realty, is happy to give the Well a check and plans on partnering more in the future.


The Well needs continuous donations of clothing, toiletries, wrapped snacks, salty wrapped snacks, fruit of all kinds, water, nutritious drinks, and, of course, financial donations.

Call (760) 835-8466 for make arrangements for drop-offs or pick-ups.

Watch for our monthly newsletter for on-going news about the Well.

Kids in Action!

Adults are not the only ones contributing donations. Our neighborhood kids are providing assistance, too. They went door-to-door requesting donations and dropped them off to the Well in the Desert Cooling Center! Thank you, kids!

Major Donations

A major thanks goes to both the Berger and Auen Foundations for their generous support of the Well. We have had a beautiful relationship with them for many years and we cannot thank them enough.

And, major thanks goes to the Desert Healthcare District for their funding of new vehicles for us, one a cargo van and the other a passenger van. We are eternally grateful

Contact hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.- Please call (760) 656-8905
Contact hours: 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.- Please call (760) 835-8466